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As the saying goes, “It is sometimes very difficult to see the entire picture when you are in the frame”. Life Coaching is a modality that helps you to see most and in some cases, the entire picture.The Life Coach achieves this by partnering with the client in a thought-provoking, frank and creative process that empowers and inspires them to use their potential to the fullest.

Life Coaching is not mentoring, applying therapy, consulting or giving advice and counselling, but it utilises creative concepts to assist the individual to identify what is going on, finding the obstacles that may be hindering their progress and setting further goals and objectives that may assess them in achieving their personal projects and success. It is guiding the client to come up which their possible solutions the aim of which is to give back the power and strength to the client in order for them to resolve their own challenges.The answer is within and with the right tools and techniques this may be achieved.

Life Coaching


Wellness Coaching

Wellness is a journey to achieve good health and the concept of wellness in this context is to be balanced physically, vitally, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

All aspects must be taken into consideration. In some cases, if one is able to create this emotional and spiritual balance in their life then it is possible to see great progress in overall health.


Again the process is building that dynamic communication between coach and client with the coach working to empower the client to want to achieve wellness, to do what is necessary to achieve wellness and to maintain this level of wellness.It is also possible that if this empowerment is achieved, then the entire life of the client will change and this will impact positively on their life and on those with whom they come in contact on a daily basis and also on their surroundings. From the concept of the biofield we are constantly experiencing quantum entanglement.


The premise of Integrative Wellness in the body has to be viewed as an integrative whole.

An Integrative Wellness Coach does not diagnose or prescribe but is one who is trained in Life Coaching fundamentals combined with an understanding of a wide range of modalities in the areas of mental, emotional, physical and spiritual wellness to make positive changes in all areas of life.




More and more the world is waking up to the use of technology in assessing the human bio-field. It is remarkable that to the trained eye or to one who is a medical intuitive there are patterns in this subtle energy field that after analysis gives a general overview of the activities happening within the body and how the body manages stress.

Whereas the analysis does not diagnose or prescribe treatment, it can give an early warning and guidance to areas that need further in-depth evaluation. This can also be of benefit to those who are not sure as to what is happening with their body or how to approach their wellness programme.




We are living in a fast, dynamic and changing world with an unbelievable amount of data and information being streamed at us at an unbelievable rate. Information overload. In addition, individuals are also experiencing changes in their body and energy systems and also having what one may term, spiritual experiences, and they are just not sure how to treat these experiences. They just do not know what is happening.

Many are also seeking new ways, ideas and concepts of how to deal with their issues, the environment and the world at large. Just by interacting with others and watching the news can cause severe challenges for some. The answers are there and the Transformational Workshop may be able to answer and resolve some of these challenges or at least provide a framework for healthy dialogue allowing one to explore their consciousness.


The vision of these Transformational Workshops enables our brothers and sisters to take even a small step in a positive way, hoping to become better persons and world citizens. This will definitely help to heal the environment.


Consultancy in

EMF Reduction

The world is wired and unfortunately, it is purported by many that not all the EMF emissions impact on us in a beneficial way to sustain life on earth. Our earth is dying we are told.  While emphasis is given to the range of spectrum between Infra-Red and Ultra Violet, not much attention is given to the subtle energy range outside of this spectrum most of which when emanating from man-made technology, may be detrimental to our health.

In addition, it is being discussed that the earth may be emitting negative energy in some areas and so living over these areas may have a harmful effect on the human bio system.  This service is geared to sensitize and discuss with individuals how to make better choices as to their living space and environment. If their living space is already established, then they can be directed to possible solutions.


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