Leandra Integrative Wellness was designed to provide life and wellness coaching and transformational workshops with the hope of assisting individuals to create positive changes in their lives. The offerings also seek to empower them to see new possibilities and the steps that can be taken to achieve their goals. In addition, Leandra Wellness sets out to sensitize people as to the effects of Electromagnetic Force (EMF) and other environmental issues that can affect us and to give possible suggestions as to how to reduce these effects.

The founder, Lennox Bailey, has been reading and seeking information in the area of Integrative Wellness and Holistic Health for over 30 years which has led him to pursue studies in Holistic Healthcare and Complementary and Alternative Medicine with special emphasis on Energy Medicine at the Doctorate level. In addition, he has been focusing on the Human Biofield, Life Coaching, Regression Therapy, Hypnotherapy, Sacred Contracts, along with other modalities that can achieve wellness. A part of his focus also includes finding methods to address the EMF and electromagnetic smog that we encounter on a day to day basis.


The concept of Leandra Wellness is to help others one at a time with the hope of raising our level of consciousness especially as it comes on to wellness. It is for everyone to understand that wellness begins in the mind, that our thoughts and words are very powerful which will affect our body, overall health and sense of well-being.


The focus of Integrative Wellness is to maintain one’s health thus allowing the body to create that wellness therefore preventing it from reaching a diseased state. Each individual must play a part in achieving their state of wellness.


It is to understand that by sustaining our health we are also aiding the environment and by and large, the planet. The environment is depending on us because we do have a symbiotic relationship with the earth in which we live and not on.


So please join us as we approach another phase of our journey through Leandra Wellness.


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